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Friday, August 31st, 2001
5:41 pm - when day comes_
since this journal is basically just for my own amusment now im deleting it. is gay. but ill uh write whats going on one last time cause umm.. im bored. i beat magic knight rayearth today! only took two days to beat. very easy game, but fun. i got all my school clothing shit. i went to the doctors today about my poison ivy and got meds, but she said she was more worried about my acne and i should start taking those meds again, but i cant start till the pi is gone cause theres an interaction and blah and blah and blah. my mom agreed to get me a stack for my bday :D WEE!! yes. ima call bob tonight and talk to him about the band and shtuff. ive been playing alot lately and i cant pull myself in one distinct direction of metal or hardcore. what i ahowed bob was all hardcore so umm.. i need to keep practicing. =\ oh yea. i got my ears pierced last night. 2 in each. ill be adding all through the school year hopefully and my hair. its pretty long. bout 2 inches past my chin :D i was playing a game called realms of kaos, but thats a whore of a game. i need to find a new mud or mmorpg. new obbsession. oo i got a ninja scrolls shit and a love hina shirt when i went shopping. a hatebreed one too. umm.. thas about it. oo. theres this girl i met on here cause she did a search for people that like beyond fall or whatever, well i saw her at the mall with jesse(singer) i always see him there. but i didnt talk to her. i just walked by :[ these are the times i hate being me. i cant act as normal people do.. erm. well fuck. i still have 20 bucks left and im gonna call up paul and have him hook me up with some of these baaaaadass hawain(you know i cant spell) spores. cya..


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Wednesday, August 29th, 2001
10:43 pm
AH! MOTHER FUCKER!! i have poison ivy in my eye.. this is about the least cool thing ever.. EVER!! i hate you all. *pout*

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Tuesday, August 28th, 2001
11:43 pm - bc:t2040

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Monday, August 27th, 2001
7:26 pm - yea.. burn it down_
ive got a new hobby. job rather. *shrugs* me and chris are full time shroomers. im expecting the humidifier soon so we'll start growing. we got the hot shit last night. id post pics but i know you all disaprove of drugs.. *slowly raises middle finger_*
my mom is a spastic hoe and im going to amputate her head_.. =]

i need some new strings for my guitar and ill be in buisness. chris is gonna let me borrow one of his amps. *sigh* once we start pushing though, ill be able to get my own stack.. *eyes get all spacy*
yea, so thats that.


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Thursday, August 23rd, 2001
6:48 pm - i make believe; Dont believe_.
god i love this song. last night rocked so f'n hard you just dont know. i saw everyone, james, paul, brandon, dustin, chris, chris, aj. man. we cut down a tree this morning =D i need to do this more often.. =] everythings good now.

im supposed to be at caits right now. i took a nap though and woke up late and had to shower and clean stuff though.
man. i wish i had more time on my hands when i didnt have to worry about having to be somewhere or be home at a certain time. oh yea. great news i was asked to play in a band *throws fist in the air* he was impressed and hes one of the best drummers in cny. *faint* happy me. definatly. well im gonna get going now. :]


current mood: calm

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Wednesday, August 22nd, 2001
2:17 am - free yourself; Let life be your burden_.
ah, my tooth, then my head, now my tummy =*[ *pout* i dont understand this new onslaught of physical illness. watched bubblegum crisis a little while ago and watched twin warriors again. awesome movie. i swear ive seen every jet li movie. hes the best. and chow yung fat too. if thats how you spell it. *sigh* i talked to amy earlier. YAY! i remembered her name! well shes all that and a bag of funyuns. seriously. alot of same interests and what not. *sigh* you know what i just noticed? i type just as well and just as fast without looking. =] *proud brandon* well i mess up just a little more. i wrote a few new riffs while watching bbc. im downloading some tabs tonight to work on some new techniques. chris is gonna help me out with my picking. too bad i never really studied chords and scales. id be much better than all the guys i play guitar* with. but you know it seems the only thing theyre better at doing is playing other peoples stuff. all i play is my own stuff, but i decided by trying others songs i can learn new techniques. hence the tabs. ive never even read tabs before. pleh. i consider myself a good guitarist. the only thing anyone taught me was how to play power chords, that was my dad when i was 12. im proud.. i guess *sigh* well enough about that. i guess ill get to work_.


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Monday, August 20th, 2001
10:17 pm
Ezekielyte attacked you and died!
Ezekielyte attacked you and died!
Sanna is attempting to take your kingdom 7, D, 1.
Sanna has taken your kingdom 7, D, 1.
Squidkiller is attempting to take your kingdom 6, D, 4.
Squidkiller has taken your kingdom 6, D, 4.
Rogun attacked you and died!
Dakuman killed you!
NIGHTMARE is attempting to take your kingdom 0, D, 2.
NIGHTMARE has taken your kingdom 0, D, 2.
Thegene is attempting to take your kingdom 7, D, 2.
Thegene has taken your kingdom 7, D, 2.
Blunt Smoker is attempting to take your kingdom 0, D, 4.
Blunt Smoker has taken your kingdom 0, D, 4.
Blunt Smoker attacked you and died!
Blunt Smoker is attempting to take your kingdom 1, D, 6.
Blunt Smoker has taken your kingdom 1, D, 6.
Blunt Smoker is attempting to take your kingdom 8, D, 6.
Blunt Smoker has taken your kingdom 8, D, 6.
Blunt Smoker is attempting to take your kingdom 8, D, 8.
Blunt Smoker has taken your kingdom 8, D, 8.
Blunt Smoker is attempting to take your kingdom 8, D, 1.
Blunt Smoker has taken your kingdom 8, D, 1.
Benyo is attempting to take your kingdom 1, D, 3.
Benyo has taken your kingdom 1, D, 3.
Blunt Smoker attacked you and died!
Blunt Smoker attacked you and died!
TEW attacked you and died!
Judo attacked you and died!
Karige attacked you and died!
Regerar killed you!
Regerar is attempting to take your kingdom 4, D, 4.
Regerar has taken your kingdom 4, D, 4.


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12:29 pm - i was up above it; Now im down in it_.
I got my life back!! =D <3 rwk that is. diablo bores me. specially without the expansion. Lvl: 14102 *flex* now i have new goals. Cappa_Kyle passed me and Aechibald passed me again. time to kick some arse. still no drops. but i upgraded my armor last night. 32mil 0_o quite steep eh? well, i made friends with OmegaDSF. hes like 66k now. f'n beast. i love my life. rwk rocks. rwk 2 is comming out the 24th. 4 days =D although you have to create new characters D= but ill be lvl 10k in a week. i have a goal to stay in the top 20 the whole way. Clan DarkHeart Sylvain will be realized =] bow in the presence of your master fools!! yea, so anyway, expect less of me. *thinks about that sentence* cya.


current mood: spastic

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Saturday, August 18th, 2001
3:21 pm - why eternity_?
*whistles* hmm.. ill express my feelings_.
the way i feel right now. i hate everything and i feel like dying and taken lots of people out with me =] well actually i think i would feel that way if i wasnt so tired. ironic. im not physically tired. im tired of this. everything. i guess its one of those things where you know youve matured. or something like that. what a conceided thing to say. isnt it? well i dont feel like explaining it. i just wanna.. goto a show or something. do something. i guess im board. *blows spit bubble* yep. nothing of importance to say so im.. gonna go.. watch tv? bye_.


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1:34 am - like nothing else; Uninspiring at best_.
i wrote a song. first one in a while. im thinking its bad but anyone who writes says that. im writting music to it tonight. almost done actually. i might work on a site tonight cause im at my dads. modem+no alcohol(i had to water down his vodka after the last time i was here =X)+he broke a string on his accoustic and i cant play it =*[ <-- sad me. hey.. am i bitching? the song_..

predict a void
shocked by the way you smile
my world can pause a moment
for this i ruin it all
i tried to stop
but i cant speak
a system of repetition
a new version of denial
sometimes it feels good to be wrong
to hear you were wrong
i never know where this is going
these words always seem the same
it was always you that changed
or the you i wanted
didnt you know i was lost
didnt you hear me weeping
i guess i drowned in humanity
drowning in humanity
its so human
to deny knowledge and understanding
that which you cant have
our only addiction

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Thursday, August 16th, 2001
2:53 am - we were one_.
I maked my own survey!! Be sure and take it. erm, ha..

(of course gotta have the name and age sheot)
1) Name: Brandon Kimpland!
2) DOB: 101684
3) Race: Sylvain(surface elf)[props to my rwk buddies ;D]
4) Gender(politically correct): male.
5) Hair Color: brown/blonde
6) Eye Color: brown
7) Zodiac Sign(=D): i dont remember.

Are You A "Good" Person
1) Do You Brush At Least Thrice A Day: no. =[
2) Are You Currently(lately) Abusing Any Legal Or Non Legal Drugs: yea.
3) What Are Your Views On Abortion: do we really need more sufuring people in this world?? im all for it.
4) Do You Recite The Pledge Of Aligence Whenever You Here It: nope.
5) Do You Think Its A Dishonor To Vetrans To NOT Recite The Pledge: not at all. maybe if it was a pledge TO the guys who fought.
6) When Is The Last Time You Stole And What Was It: jesus.. umm.. i stole some money from my mom a few weeks ago. it was only like $6
7) Do You Believe All Seniors Deserve Respect At All Times: no. only the ones that have earned it, from me.
8) Do You ALWAYS Recycle: no.
9) Are You GOD Fearing: its possible to fear something thats only in your mind, but i dont think about this god much so, no.
10) Do You Love You Family Undyingly: no.
11) Would You Say You Have An Under Or Over Active Sex Drive: over man.
12) Do You Hate: yes.
13) Do You Find Yourself Growing Into Each New fad: sometimes.
14) Should Welfare Be Done Away With: yes, they should just work on helping the people that need it.
15) What Are Your Feelings About Homeless People: kind of indifferent. im pretty sure alot of them could make it in life. not that many people are helpless.

1) Name or Explain One Thing That Would Make This World Tolerable: all humans must die or endure pain so great that it makes them realize how foul they are(and change =P).
2) Do You Ever Imagine Being Someone Or Something Else? If So, Describe: i imagine myself as Tenchi from Tenchi Muyo. not cause hes got girls all over him =P but because hes real and hes true. and of course the space and fantasy parts are a bit intrigueing ;]
3) Do You REALLY Want To Find The Perfect Person For You: yea. not so much anymore, as i dont really care about much. but ive always wanted that ying to my yang or wu to my tang if you will. just someone to *comunicate* with. heh.
4) Do You Believe 'Blood Is Thicker Than Water' Or That Family Is More Important Than Friends: no way. i dont speak for anyone else, but i dont think family can really understand you. its almost like being in a relationship with someone. theyre the closest to you, but they never know what youre thinking. really. you know what i mean.
5) Give Your Definition Of 'Love": when you know EVERYTHING about someone and you still cant stand to be away from them.
6) What Was The Reason For The Time You Cried The Hardest: when my girlfriend got raped in middle school. it was more about me hating the world. heh.
7) What Is Your Biggest Fear: that tommorow will always be the same as today.
8) If You Had One Wish, What Would It Be: i would wish for the world to become a fantasy world, with elves and gnomes and goblins and such. that everything was like a game. one big adventure. one huge tale.
9) If You Could Be Doing ANYTHING Right Now, What Would You Being Doing(with whoever and whatever you want, anywhere): id be at a show playing in a band. =]
10) What Do You Think About Labels: as far as music, you need labels. people can be labeled too as long as that just means what they listen to. labels have stereotypes now. thats whats wrong about labels. all metal kids arent satanic and all hardcore kids arent vegan.
11) What Quote Best Describes How You Feel Most Of The Time: 'dont talk to me about your love, dont talk to me about your addiction' _beneath the green, vision of disorder
12) If You Knew That You would Eventually Break Up With Someone Would You Still Go Out With Them: no. i dont think the plusses of being in a relationship even compare to the minuses, especially when you seperate.
13) Is There Something That If You Started Thinking About It Right Now You Would Cry? What Is It: yes. if i think about my grandpa.
14) What Are Your Thoughts On Suicide: suicide seems like such a dreamy way of getting away from everything. theres nothing wrong with suicide. if thats the person's choice then they should be allowed to make it. its called freedom.
15) Do You Look Up To Anyone As Though They Were A God Or Your Idol: no. i used to look up to jill, but shes just another human. special in her own way that i love so much =] i look up to my cat though. hes very passive. he doesnt care.

16) Was This An Ok Survey: _________

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2:38 am - *hardly inspirational;
good job mom. im here to inform you that my mom somehow deleted the drivers to both our cd rom drives. i have no clue where the drivers are and im too angry to look. *kill_*

is it selfish to hate_?

tried to hang out with ryan today, but he never called back and then his line was busy. so much for doing something before im gone all weekend again.
*why wont time give it up for just a little while_?

hmm.. im torn between sharing my ideas with you, or anyone. this journal i mean. does it matter? if i told you what i thought that would make me a hypocrit to my own philosophy. if i dont tell you then you wont know how i think and isnt this the point of having a journal? and even having this journal goes against it! WEEE!! i amuse myself.

'its all in your head. its all in my head_'
spit on yourself; Youre so beautiful_.


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Monday, August 13th, 2001
5:14 pm - *production; Progression/of a Shattered existence_.
1.How many close friends do you have: 5.

2.What time do you usually go to sleep: every 30-36 hours.

3.Are you a poisonous monkey: if you want.

4.Do you see yourself being married in the next five years? i do not see that.

6.How many people do you think you will fall in love with in your lifetime: a few here, a few there. hopefully no more. *shiver_*

8.Give one word you would describe yourself as: hard question. *plays with ear*

9.If you were an animal what would you be: cat. house cat. id have to be orange too.

10.What is the color that best describes you: orange.

11.What do you love about yourself: i have a lvl 13.5k character(strong) on rwk =] i love that.

12.What do you despise of yourself: i have a level 10 barbarian(weak) on dialo 2 =[ i hate that.

13.Do you see yourself being a weak or dominant person: iono.

15.Have you told somebody you love them in the last seven days: no.

16.Have you held hands with someone affectionately in the last week: ha. no.

17.Do you think that you will ever go through the procedure of divorce in your lifetime: no.

18.How many times have you messed around with drugs.. if you can remember: ._.

19.How many times have you gotten in trouble with the law: iono, not many.

20.Can you name the first and last names of all the people you have kissed: *pulls a big foam middle finger glove out of his pocket*

21.Do you give names to nonhuman objects. ex. car: just Simon. hes my dinosaur.

22.Do you believe in spirits: no.

23.Have you seen purple people: ive seen pictures of drownid people on the telly and they were purple.

24.Do you think you will ever see purple people: i have.

25.Do you see yourself as a follower or leader: plastic bunnies.

27.Are you lying in any of the questions you just answered: no.

26.If someone moderately attractive offered you $100 to do a sexual favor would you: of course.

28.Do you talk about your friends behind their backs: sure, if you want me to.

29.Do you think any of your friends talk about you behind your back: sure, if they want to.

30.Name a friend that you think will betray you in the next year or so: i dont fight with my friends.

31.Do you think it would have to do with the opposite sex: i dont fight with my friends.

32.How many times have you been dumped: everytime.

33.How many times have you broken someones heart: eleventy-ten zillion times!! =0

34.Do your friends sometimes accuse you of leading someone on: no_? duh.

35.Would you refer yourself as being a tease: not at all.

36.Would you mess around with someone you just met: hopefully.

37.If you met the man of your dreams and he offered to take you out on the town with a lil something expected at the end, would you go even if you were married: ;=| as long as the lil something was the diablo 2 expansion.

38.Do you believe in religion: no.

39.Do you believe in George Dubya Bush: hes a complete god. to say the least.

40.Do you believe in aliens: yes. if youre refering to 'ufos' and 'abductions' then my answer is: you're stupid.

41.Do you believe that George Dubya Bush is an alien: sure.

42.Have you ever won something worth winning: won_? i beat chrono trigger and that was cool_?

43.Do you see yourself being punk, emo, a raver, goth, jock, preppy, original or other: should i add some more to the list? im a hippy/comp. geek/hardcore kid/metal kid/your mom

44.What type of people do you wish didnt exist: ha! this is seriously a good question! all types of people.

45.Name your biggest turnoff: people that remind me of myself.

46.Would you prefer a sensual massage over strawberries with chocolate syrup: yea.

47.Do you think that reefer should be made legal: no.

48.Do you think rubbing alcohol is an inhalant: ha. no.

49.Do you like the smell of rubbing alcohol: no.

50.Do you like the smell of gasoline, you know, for your car: yea.

51.What about paint thinner: no.

52.Would you rather become a superstar or a pornstar: pornstar.

53.Would you marry the richest person in the world even if they were in their eighties, were ugly as hell, and smelled of vomit: yea.

54.If you were dared to streak at a family reunion for $500 would you do it: no.

55.What do you smell like right now: nothing.

56.What does your hair smell like: nothing.

57.Do you wear cologne or perfume: neither.

58.If the biggest name brand clothing were named Winkieball and all your friends were wearing it would you still wear it: definatly.

59.Would you consider sex one of your biggest weaknesses: seriously, yea. haha. more so the thought of it.

60.What color is your hair: brown/blonde

61.Do you believe in long distance relationships: no.

62.Would you cheat on your partner if they went out of town for a month: i think itd take me longer than a month to find a girl that would fuck me.

63.How many fingers do you have all together: 10. i consider thumbs fingers and i dont care what you say.

64.Are you tired yet: no.

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4:59 pm - when you want to_.
ive been gone so long i forgot how comfy my bed is =]

hubie's party was.. kickin'_? yea right. it was ok. i suplied ALL the beer. their keg got stolen. im suprised. hubie has friends like that. heh. we couldnt get marc and ryan a ride. rather, i kept telling hubie to ask kevin to get them, but he kept.. 'forgetting'. i should get a license.

its official, i passed summer school. GO ME! *whistles* ....yea.... im thinking no more rwk. i can take up knitting or something. its probably more productive anyway.


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Monday, August 6th, 2001
1:20 am - Subject: (optional, for use on longer entries)
*scratchs head* yea.. i thought my feelings about the world changed but umm.. nope. everything outside of me seems like a really bad soap opera that i want no part of.(no offense to.. umm anyone) what DO you do when you think about your friends, best friends that you love and you go: "eh.. id rather sit on a game that i click the same two buttons over and over again than chance talking to them."? well i think im gonna find a harder game!! ^.^ (joke.. sort of)

im so f'n beat. i have to stay up all night, but i want to sleep. arg.. oh well. we hav.......... NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST FOR GOT WE'RE OUT OF COFFEE..... omg.. *sniff*.. bye.


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Friday, August 3rd, 2001
3:31 am - have you forgotten; What it really feels like_?
i just thought i jump on and say i finally hit level 10k on rwk!! =D *happy brandon* lvl 10250 to be exact. only 751 away from B l a c k A n g e l.. im gonna smoke his ass soon.. stupid mothe... f.. anyway. i have to goto camp again tomorrow, but its wont be so bad cause my little cousins will be there and im gonna bring my laptop cause i fixed it, not that you knew it was broken. umm.. ive been writing alot of songs lately and im working ok a web page on my laptop. im going to upload all my songs and pictures on there. of course theres gonna be a ton of shit on there so i need to get my mom to pay for a host. anyway, im gonna go watch some tv.


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Monday, July 30th, 2001
4:29 am - i can only hope to BE_..
*picks nose* i used to love camp.. *growl. i dont like to be away from me computer anymore.. *whimper* im lvl 6786 on race war kingdom now.. obsession? i htink so. fuck people. i dont need people. i need race war kingdom =] i did a few things for the first time tonight. i dyed my hair *throws hat up in the air* just testing with atomic red. =] i drank my first(whole, ive had plenty swigs from them) 40 tonight. i guess im a thug now or something @_@ *looks around* and i learned how to drive a standard. not that hard_.

my mom is making me look for a job tomorrow. i actually need one though. god i wish i could have marc's job.. *breaks pencil in hand* oh yea. me and my friend pat may be starting a little two man acustic band. hes fun to play with. not the literal meaning folks. we'll see what comes of that_..

i found out i AM passing english.. in summer school that is. cant wait to umm.. actually pass it. we do so much writing in there that it makes me not want to write when i get home. psh.. *itches ear* ah yes.. physical problems.. turns out ive had a broken finger(right index) for a few months, my neck and back have been KILLING me for a while and noone will give me a massage =*[ and i have a sliver in my left thumb that i cant get out. stupid sliver_..

man.. i have to do at least 500 levels on rwk tonight so ima get off this.. erm.. yo to my friends who still peek at this.. *pats bree on the head* i have suprises. will talk to all soon.. i guess_..


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Thursday, July 26th, 2001
1:37 am

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1:15 am - rip out my heart; Rip out my heart_.
erm. i really dont feel like writing in here. for a while now i just havent wanted to talk to people. i havent talked to people. neglecting my friends much? not neglecting. im sorry if i havent talked to you. i dont wanna. i wanna play guitar forever. i want to hit a note and have everything just pause forever_.

my neck has been killing me. arg. im going to go get a massage from hubies friend. id get a professional massage, but im broke as all hell. i actually have to borrow money from marc to goto the august prophecy show tomorrow. *stretch* well if my mood changes sometime i may start writing more. like you want to read it so bad eh_? heheh


current mood: iono

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1:15 am - rip out my heart; Rip out my heart_.
erm. i really dont feel like writing in here. for a while now i just havent wanted to talk to people. i havent talked to people. neglecting my friends much? not neglecting. im sorry if i havent talked to you. i dont wanna. i wanna play guitar forever. i want to hit a note and have everything just pause forever_.

my neck has been killing me. arg. im going to go get a massage from hubies friend. id get a professional massage, but im broke as all hell. i actually have to borrow money from marc to goto the august prophecy show tomorrow. *stretch* well if my mood changes sometime i may start writing more. like you want to read it so bad eh_? heheh


current mood: iono

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