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i can only hope to BE_..

*picks nose* i used to love camp.. *growl. i dont like to be away from me computer anymore.. *whimper* im lvl 6786 on race war kingdom now.. obsession? i htink so. fuck people. i dont need people. i need race war kingdom =] i did a few things for the first time tonight. i dyed my hair *throws hat up in the air* just testing with atomic red. =] i drank my first(whole, ive had plenty swigs from them) 40 tonight. i guess im a thug now or something @_@ *looks around* and i learned how to drive a standard. not that hard_.

my mom is making me look for a job tomorrow. i actually need one though. god i wish i could have marc's job.. *breaks pencil in hand* oh yea. me and my friend pat may be starting a little two man acustic band. hes fun to play with. not the literal meaning folks. we'll see what comes of that_..

i found out i AM passing english.. in summer school that is. cant wait to umm.. actually pass it. we do so much writing in there that it makes me not want to write when i get home. psh.. *itches ear* ah yes.. physical problems.. turns out ive had a broken finger(right index) for a few months, my neck and back have been KILLING me for a while and noone will give me a massage =*[ and i have a sliver in my left thumb that i cant get out. stupid sliver_..

man.. i have to do at least 500 levels on rwk tonight so ima get off this.. erm.. yo to my friends who still peek at this.. *pats bree on the head* i have suprises. will talk to all soon.. i guess_..

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