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*hardly inspirational;

good job mom. im here to inform you that my mom somehow deleted the drivers to both our cd rom drives. i have no clue where the drivers are and im too angry to look. *kill_*

is it selfish to hate_?

tried to hang out with ryan today, but he never called back and then his line was busy. so much for doing something before im gone all weekend again.
*why wont time give it up for just a little while_?

hmm.. im torn between sharing my ideas with you, or anyone. this journal i mean. does it matter? if i told you what i thought that would make me a hypocrit to my own philosophy. if i dont tell you then you wont know how i think and isnt this the point of having a journal? and even having this journal goes against it! WEEE!! i amuse myself.

'its all in your head. its all in my head_'
spit on yourself; Youre so beautiful_.

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