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I maked my own survey!! Be sure and take it. erm, ha..

(of course gotta have the name and age sheot)
1) Name: Brandon Kimpland!
2) DOB: 101684
3) Race: Sylvain(surface elf)[props to my rwk buddies ;D]
4) Gender(politically correct): male.
5) Hair Color: brown/blonde
6) Eye Color: brown
7) Zodiac Sign(=D): i dont remember.

Are You A "Good" Person
1) Do You Brush At Least Thrice A Day: no. =[
2) Are You Currently(lately) Abusing Any Legal Or Non Legal Drugs: yea.
3) What Are Your Views On Abortion: do we really need more sufuring people in this world?? im all for it.
4) Do You Recite The Pledge Of Aligence Whenever You Here It: nope.
5) Do You Think Its A Dishonor To Vetrans To NOT Recite The Pledge: not at all. maybe if it was a pledge TO the guys who fought.
6) When Is The Last Time You Stole And What Was It: jesus.. umm.. i stole some money from my mom a few weeks ago. it was only like $6
7) Do You Believe All Seniors Deserve Respect At All Times: no. only the ones that have earned it, from me.
8) Do You ALWAYS Recycle: no.
9) Are You GOD Fearing: its possible to fear something thats only in your mind, but i dont think about this god much so, no.
10) Do You Love You Family Undyingly: no.
11) Would You Say You Have An Under Or Over Active Sex Drive: over man.
12) Do You Hate: yes.
13) Do You Find Yourself Growing Into Each New fad: sometimes.
14) Should Welfare Be Done Away With: yes, they should just work on helping the people that need it.
15) What Are Your Feelings About Homeless People: kind of indifferent. im pretty sure alot of them could make it in life. not that many people are helpless.

1) Name or Explain One Thing That Would Make This World Tolerable: all humans must die or endure pain so great that it makes them realize how foul they are(and change =P).
2) Do You Ever Imagine Being Someone Or Something Else? If So, Describe: i imagine myself as Tenchi from Tenchi Muyo. not cause hes got girls all over him =P but because hes real and hes true. and of course the space and fantasy parts are a bit intrigueing ;]
3) Do You REALLY Want To Find The Perfect Person For You: yea. not so much anymore, as i dont really care about much. but ive always wanted that ying to my yang or wu to my tang if you will. just someone to *comunicate* with. heh.
4) Do You Believe 'Blood Is Thicker Than Water' Or That Family Is More Important Than Friends: no way. i dont speak for anyone else, but i dont think family can really understand you. its almost like being in a relationship with someone. theyre the closest to you, but they never know what youre thinking. really. you know what i mean.
5) Give Your Definition Of 'Love": when you know EVERYTHING about someone and you still cant stand to be away from them.
6) What Was The Reason For The Time You Cried The Hardest: when my girlfriend got raped in middle school. it was more about me hating the world. heh.
7) What Is Your Biggest Fear: that tommorow will always be the same as today.
8) If You Had One Wish, What Would It Be: i would wish for the world to become a fantasy world, with elves and gnomes and goblins and such. that everything was like a game. one big adventure. one huge tale.
9) If You Could Be Doing ANYTHING Right Now, What Would You Being Doing(with whoever and whatever you want, anywhere): id be at a show playing in a band. =]
10) What Do You Think About Labels: as far as music, you need labels. people can be labeled too as long as that just means what they listen to. labels have stereotypes now. thats whats wrong about labels. all metal kids arent satanic and all hardcore kids arent vegan.
11) What Quote Best Describes How You Feel Most Of The Time: 'dont talk to me about your love, dont talk to me about your addiction' _beneath the green, vision of disorder
12) If You Knew That You would Eventually Break Up With Someone Would You Still Go Out With Them: no. i dont think the plusses of being in a relationship even compare to the minuses, especially when you seperate.
13) Is There Something That If You Started Thinking About It Right Now You Would Cry? What Is It: yes. if i think about my grandpa.
14) What Are Your Thoughts On Suicide: suicide seems like such a dreamy way of getting away from everything. theres nothing wrong with suicide. if thats the person's choice then they should be allowed to make it. its called freedom.
15) Do You Look Up To Anyone As Though They Were A God Or Your Idol: no. i used to look up to jill, but shes just another human. special in her own way that i love so much =] i look up to my cat though. hes very passive. he doesnt care.

16) Was This An Ok Survey: _________
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