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like nothing else; Uninspiring at best_.

i wrote a song. first one in a while. im thinking its bad but anyone who writes says that. im writting music to it tonight. almost done actually. i might work on a site tonight cause im at my dads. modem+no alcohol(i had to water down his vodka after the last time i was here =X)+he broke a string on his accoustic and i cant play it =*[ <-- sad me. hey.. am i bitching? the song_..

predict a void
shocked by the way you smile
my world can pause a moment
for this i ruin it all
i tried to stop
but i cant speak
a system of repetition
a new version of denial
sometimes it feels good to be wrong
to hear you were wrong
i never know where this is going
these words always seem the same
it was always you that changed
or the you i wanted
didnt you know i was lost
didnt you hear me weeping
i guess i drowned in humanity
drowning in humanity
its so human
to deny knowledge and understanding
that which you cant have
our only addiction
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