brandon (prevailedloss) wrote,

free yourself; Let life be your burden_.

ah, my tooth, then my head, now my tummy =*[ *pout* i dont understand this new onslaught of physical illness. watched bubblegum crisis a little while ago and watched twin warriors again. awesome movie. i swear ive seen every jet li movie. hes the best. and chow yung fat too. if thats how you spell it. *sigh* i talked to amy earlier. YAY! i remembered her name! well shes all that and a bag of funyuns. seriously. alot of same interests and what not. *sigh* you know what i just noticed? i type just as well and just as fast without looking. =] *proud brandon* well i mess up just a little more. i wrote a few new riffs while watching bbc. im downloading some tabs tonight to work on some new techniques. chris is gonna help me out with my picking. too bad i never really studied chords and scales. id be much better than all the guys i play guitar* with. but you know it seems the only thing theyre better at doing is playing other peoples stuff. all i play is my own stuff, but i decided by trying others songs i can learn new techniques. hence the tabs. ive never even read tabs before. pleh. i consider myself a good guitarist. the only thing anyone taught me was how to play power chords, that was my dad when i was 12. im proud.. i guess *sigh* well enough about that. i guess ill get to work_.

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