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since this journal is basically just for my own amusment now im deleting it. is gay. but ill uh write whats going on one last time cause umm.. im bored. i beat magic knight rayearth today! only took two days to beat. very easy game, but fun. i got all my school clothing shit. i went to the doctors today about my poison ivy and got meds, but she said she was more worried about my acne and i should start taking those meds again, but i cant start till the pi is gone cause theres an interaction and blah and blah and blah. my mom agreed to get me a stack for my bday :D WEE!! yes. ima call bob tonight and talk to him about the band and shtuff. ive been playing alot lately and i cant pull myself in one distinct direction of metal or hardcore. what i ahowed bob was all hardcore so umm.. i need to keep practicing. =\ oh yea. i got my ears pierced last night. 2 in each. ill be adding all through the school year hopefully and my hair. its pretty long. bout 2 inches past my chin :D i was playing a game called realms of kaos, but thats a whore of a game. i need to find a new mud or mmorpg. new obbsession. oo i got a ninja scrolls shit and a love hina shirt when i went shopping. a hatebreed one too. umm.. thas about it. oo. theres this girl i met on here cause she did a search for people that like beyond fall or whatever, well i saw her at the mall with jesse(singer) i always see him there. but i didnt talk to her. i just walked by :[ these are the times i hate being me. i cant act as normal people do.. erm. well fuck. i still have 20 bucks left and im gonna call up paul and have him hook me up with some of these baaaaadass hawain(you know i cant spell) spores. cya..

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