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i was up above it; Now im down in it_.

I got my life back!! =D <3 rwk that is. diablo bores me. specially without the expansion. Lvl: 14102 *flex* now i have new goals. Cappa_Kyle passed me and Aechibald passed me again. time to kick some arse. still no drops. but i upgraded my armor last night. 32mil 0_o quite steep eh? well, i made friends with OmegaDSF. hes like 66k now. f'n beast. i love my life. rwk rocks. rwk 2 is comming out the 24th. 4 days =D although you have to create new characters D= but ill be lvl 10k in a week. i have a goal to stay in the top 20 the whole way. Clan DarkHeart Sylvain will be realized =] bow in the presence of your master fools!! yea, so anyway, expect less of me. *thinks about that sentence* cya.

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